Breast cyst

Breast cyst

Description of breast cysts

Cysts typically denoted pathological cavity which is lined by cells and is filled with a fluid or tissue.They can occur in virtually all organs – kidneys, ovaries, liver, thyroid, lungs, brain …

Breast cysts are small palpable formations occurring in the chest or in their immediate surroundings (for example, in the armpit). There are quite common – mostly in women which are associated with the hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle or ovariárního or during pregnancy, and menopause.

They may have multiple causes. This is either the inflammation, dysplasia or cancer. It can also be only a liquid, which after some time again absorbed.

Cyst caused by inflammation most commonly occur during breastfeeding. When it comes easily to small injuries nipples. These cracks are then easily gets into breast infection. First, manifested asinflammation of the nipples (theilitis) later can reach right up to the mammary gland(inflammation is called as mastitis). In it, suppurative inflammation may take the form, which can manifest itself in different outlets from breast ducts. Infection after its penetration into the body is detected by cells of the immune system and to the place of its localization to get white blood cells (leukocytes), which are designed to destroy the infection. Inflammation is then defensive reaction of the body to these foreign substances and also includes the restoration of damaged tissue. Infection is usually caused by bacteria of the genus Staphylococcus. Cysts are located within or beneath the skin glands and in some cases may even compromise the skin on the body surface. If you are smaller, after some time, mostly self-absorbed. Despite this, but we must not underestimate.

Breast dysplasia indicate the fault of its development. They are mainly caused by an excess of female hormones estrogen (estriol and estradiol) and hormone deficiency progestogens (progesterone). Some types of dysplasia can be a precursor of cancer – breast cancer. Cysts are where dysplasia various shapes and consistency. I can be several centimeters (cystis simplex, which occurs in the period prior to menopause) or conversely less zrnovitého shape (mazoplazie whose incidence is usually between 20 to 30 years). U adenosine then cysts appear in the form of small grains, which are breast šňůrovitě disposition. This type of cyst usually occurs between the 25th to 35th year and is quite dangerous because it is possible to develop into a malignant cancer.

Among dysplasia also include different types of mastitis in which there are cysts of various sizes and shapes. Even they possible subsequent development of cancer.

Dysplasia can also occur in men (gynecomastia virilis). They are usually caused by excess estrogen.They can sometimes accompany cirrhosis of the liver.

If a woman Nahm on breast cyst usually fears the worst – cancer. Tumors but in case there are several breast and not all malignant (malignant). It can also be a non-cancerous (benign) form a fibroadenoma or papilloma. Fibroadenoma is mostly diagnosed in younger women. It has a very solid consistency and usually grows slowly. At a certain stage of its growth usually stops. In rare cases it can even cause malignant transformation, which is not usually normal. Papilloma is another form of benign breast tumor. Arises in the milk ducts or already formed cysts in the breast disease.

More serious form of cancer but cancer. It is a malignant tumor that in our population is quite common especially among women aged between 40-60 years. Often, however, they appear in a different age range. Exceptionally, but can also occur in men.

All of these diseases are usually detected because of Palpation cyst.

Risk factors for breast cysts

Cysts arise mainly as a result of hormonal imbalance, when the concentration of sex hormones in the blood decreased or increased, and does not correspond to the normal range. Therefore, it is actually an artificial increase of hormones in the blood of a risk factor. The risk may also be a family predisposition to breast cancer. Because cysts arise mainly during pregnancy or lactation (inflammation of nipples and mammary glands) are also risk this season, and the woman would have to be particularly careful.

Prevention of breast cysts

Because some cysts can escalate up in cancer prevention is very important measure. Every woman should perform breast self examination, when supine palpation both breasts to see if they will not feel any swelling or lump. It is also important to palpate the same way and around the breast and armpit. This self-examination should be repeated every month at the slightest findings should be a professional examination.

Upon the occurrence of breast cancer in the family, the woman on this fact should tell your gynecologist.

After the 45th year is also recommended that you go for regular screening mammography breast.

For preventative measures can be considered a healthy diet, limiting alcohol and smoking. It is suitable active lifestyle, sports, exercise, etc.

Symptoms of breast cysts

The main symptom is a lump or cyst nodular induration different consistency and size of the breast. Bulky may be very small and almost palpable, but may also acquire few centimeters dimensions. Breast can also be painful, swollen, reddened. For some cancers, there is also bleeding from the nipple or whitish discharges from the breast ducts.

Treatment of breast cysts

When finding cysts is necessary to remove it (surgery or needle aspiration). The extracted material is then sent to laboratory tests in order to determine what type of cysts is. Because it is usually common cysts filled with fluid are then aspirated (punctured) needle or surgically removed. But if it is a malignant tumor, it is necessary for quick deletion and sending the patient to the oncologist, who deploys chemotherapy treatment, hormonal and biological therapy. Woman taking this treatment on the affected breast is coming, which can be traumatic. Because even further procedure for the organism very exhausting and often uncertain outcome, is also invited a psychologist who helps woman cope with the situation.

How to help treat breast cysts

In case you feel the cyst any size, it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible. It is always better to be sure that it is merely a cyst than a malignant form of tumor. But if a tumor is malignant, it is important to start treatment on time, even though it is nowadays quite drastic.For the patient, it is therefore important to trust in the physician, but also a support area.

Complications of breast cysts

If it is only a cyst, it’s mostly about the complications associated with their exemption. Can cause wound infection, increased bleeding or even impaired hojivosti. Malignant cancer, then they are more diverse and difficulties associated primarily with chemotherapy treatment. The patient is physically and mentally exhausted, having digestive problems and is tired. The disease is fatal during unsuccessful treatment.

Other names: Bulka breast resistance in breast mastitis, theilitis

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